Areas of Expertise

Relationship Issues & Conflicts

The root of the conflict might be something like a difference of opinion, experience, taste, perspective, personality, or beliefs.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is a state of mental anguish that can take a wide variety of forms. It may result from a mental health issue or particular circumstances, such as relationship difficulties or financial strain.


Although they share many of the same symptoms, the two are distinct conditions. Autism spectrum disorders are a series of related developmental disorders that can affect language skills, behavior, social interactions, and the ability to learn. ADHD impacts the way the brain grows and develops. And you can have both.

My Approach | First Session (consultation)

This is a chance to get to know each other. We will talk about any concerns or goals that you have for our work together. We will decide together if you would like to come for more sessions, as well as having the opportunity to ask me more questions.

Sessions will be 60 minutes. For some people a few sessions will be enough, others will decide that they would like to come for longer. I usually see people fortnightly or monthly, sometimes people would like to have a longer gap especially if they are coming to the end of therapy.


I work in a non-judgemental way listening to your story, either as an individual, couple or family unit. All members of your family are welcome to the sessions, including friends and people who support you in the community. My belief is that individuals, couples and families have the resources within themselves to make the changes in their lives that they would like. Therapy can help with this process, for example couples and families who feel stuck in unhelpful patterns of communication.

Confidentiality is very important to me and the therapy process. However, if I have fears for your or anyone else’s safety, I may need to share this information with other professionals in line with local safeguarding arrangements. I will always try to ask you and seek your consent before I do this.


Initial consultation and treatment: £60.00 1 hour.